Bencop’s training not going well…

Bencop’s training not going well…





what if Newt had taken out his phone and taken a selfie with Otachi’s baby before drifting.

What are the chances that he did it after

…reasonably high, I should think. what’s more, Hermann’s probably also in the photo—whether willingly or not, however, is debatable ;)

::visions of the helicopter coming to pick up the boys and Hermann yelling at Newt to stop taking selfies and get on board::


NEWT GEISZLER @rockstar_newt . 20 sec : ALIVE AND UP CLOSE told you id do it @pilot_raleigh #yolo

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Haha awesome :D Thanks!

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omfg your tags ;o;

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Those tags are messed up, yo. 

IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE JUST A NICE COLOURFUL STUDY I almost made myself cry when I finished it tbh :C

Set study.

Set study.

I can’t believe Pacific Rim isn’t even nominated for any of the MTV Movie Awards. And I’m not saying it should’ve been nominated for Movie Of The Year, or that Hermann and Newt should be Best On-Screen Duo, because I realise not everyone watches it in the same light that hardcore PR fans do, but I would have nominated Best Fight - Gipsy Danger against Leatherback and Otachi at least.

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*hermann voice* thankyou thank you… thank you…

baldwinboy5ive replied to your post:I’m going to assume that this is how Newt was dressed on Picture Day.

He forgot it was picture day and woke up late and then burst into the room they were taking the pictures in with his hair all sticking up like that and a half-spilled coffee in hand and everyone else was in their neatest clothes and nicely combed hair and Hermann just


Review of Orny Adams’s standup shows



COMEDY FANS. TEEN WOLF FANS. [Coach Finstock voice] Listen up!

If you haven’t seen Orny Adams’s standup comedy, you need to! His tour schedule is here and if he’s at all near you, you really should try to go. Even if you’re under 18, try calling the club and asking about that, or get a parent to take you. Just go. Go. If you can’t make it and want to know what his shows are like, or just need further convincing, I’ve got you covered, read on.

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I love this (can I reveal your name?)! It’s a perfect gift. Thank you for your kindness. This is so thoughtful… to be appreciated on this level is every performers wish. I hope I continue to earn your respect. Hugs, Orny Adams… your Coach.

This is just… amazing :D

Follow up to my Hermann’s ID Tag post, here’s Newton Geiszler’s ID Tag:

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For anyone who wants an ultra-movie-accurate Hermann Gottlieb cosplay, Hermann’s ID Tag:

There are a couple of bits in the BluRay version where his tag is really visible:


A google-search and some tracing later, it turns out Hermann’s badge is from this exact screencap of Owen Harper from A Day In The Death [TW 02x08] (my version of the cap is pretty low quality, but it’s definitely it):

Now go forth and create awesome cosplays!